Crafted Nursery Decor for the future generation

Bubbles and Bubbles® is a curated collection of designs for kids’ rooms designed and made in Spain.

Our designs are contemporary in style, revolutionary in concept and refined by originality with a splash of humor.

Our design philosophy revolves around magnifying what is essential and editing out excess, no loud design but tender and affectionate and finally but not less important "Buying once, buying high quality and from responsible sources, local businesses who work only with sustainable materials” is our motto.

Our products are designed for the family, not just for kids. We want you to like your baby's nursery or toddler room. After all, they may be for your kids, but you have to live with them too..

Our wall murals are eco and kid-friendly wall adhesive decals in matte finish (not shiny vinyl with harmful PVC). They do not contain PVC, phthalates, chlorine or other halogens. The safest option for your kid.

Our prints are created using acid-free paper made from the purest natural materials without chemical substances.

We print everything to order and we accept custom requests based on availability.

We strive to make our packaging the most sustainable option, made from 100% recycled materials or FSC-certified materials.

We strive to create products with materials sourced near to us. We currently use high-quality materials from Germany and France.

We design, print and ship with love from Spain

bubbles and bubbles


"If you go anywhere, even paradise, you will miss your home". Malala Yousafzai

Bubbles and Bubbles® is a project born by two friends and life partners. 

After working in Southamerica and the United Kingdom as architects in well-known architecture firms we realized that we were on a treadmill, working endless hours every day but not getting close to creating a life we wanted. Feeling busy but without purpose. Living far from friends and family, far from our country, Spain.

At the end of 2015 we found out that we were going to welcome a niece. As designers we wanted to create a special nursery for the little one. It was not easy, walking through retail stores, it was clear that there was an unique existence of licensed, shiny PVC and loud children's vinyls. We realized there was a need for a more minimalistic in feel, great design and high quality products in Nursery Décor. We looked for something original and far from traditional gender archetypes; we were shock to see that it was still all about pink and fairy princesses or blue bears and cars.

We decided to create something ourselves. Our goal was to achieve good design and good quality while being environmentally responsible in the choice of material and manufacturing processes. We wanted to do something we loved and we wanted to do it our way.

After many late nights talking and thinking about it, we decided we had to start somewhere. We started sketching hundreds of drafts while living and working in our tiny british basement apartment in London (as many stories begin indeed!), figuring out to to build something meaningful while keeping up with our hectic lives as architects in the big gloomy city.

Despite working long hours on our full time jobs we enjoyed working after hours on a project which soon became more and more real until we took a risk, quit our jobs and moved back to our home country to focus on creating prototypes and building our dream.

Finally, during autumn 2016 we gave life to the bubbles and bubbles® brand and became immersed in the most exciting and adorable adventure of our lives.

Thanks for swinging by.

Much Gratitude,



Our commitment to good design, high quality, safety and sustainability.

  • Design. We aim to provide the best kids décor products around, giving you the quality and safety you want for your little ones, with the style and design you want for your home.
  • Safety. We tested our products and researched to find the best quality, non-toxic and environmentally preferred material to be the vehicle of a good design. Basically we want to make something we would use for our children´s nurseries, something we would give to our babies or toddlers without any concerns or worries. Our wall decals are completely PVC-free and phthalate free, because PVC is harmful for your child and for our planet.
  • Sustainability. Our materials are sourced from European high quality brands to make sure our products are completely toxic chemical-free. Because those chemicals are not only toxic for your child but also for the planet they will live in. We strive to create products with materials sourced near to us.
  • Love. Everything we sell is manufactured with care by us and together with local businesses in Valencia, Spain.